Campmonking Around

Getting Access to Breathtaking Private Campsites Across India with Campmonk.

The story of Campmonk began with multiple Google searches that yielded unsatisfying results. As almost-fanatical outdoor enthusiasts – Amit and Shashi decided to raid the wild webs of the internet for camping locations around Bangalore and in India. Given the diversity of land that this country houses, it was easy to assume that they were going to land up finding at least a few credible suggestions. It did not take them long to discover that there was a gaping dearth of outdoor living options for the likes of them. The number of hours invested in finding listings online did nothing to the quality of findings. It was also certain from this exercise that there existed potent discomfort and skepticism about considering camping as an alternative to other accommodation – people were afraid of getting outdoors.

It then became clear to them that they wanted to make outdoors accessible and nonintimidating to everyone. Initially grown from referrals made by camper friends, Campmonk is an online repository of all things camping. Strongly rooted in the principles of responsible travel and sustainability, it lists campsites lying tucked away beyond what is visible to the eye.

Depending on terrain and the facilities available at each campsite, the website gives the camper not only access to the property but also encourages them to take it a notch further and indulge in activities such as trekking, off-roading, wildlife watching, water rafting and the likes. It also allows idle properties and outdoor real estate to open up their space to other camping enthusiasts and earn revenue at the same time. Like the case of camping at Shevroyan Hill Hideout, Suhas’s zeal for the outdoors and Patsy’s culinary expertise makes the camping experience monumentally personal even for them as hosts. Campmonk’s blog and outdoor event experiences makes outdoor living practicable and less daunting to dabblers.

  • “Sleeping under the stars, waking upto the sounds of nature and life changing conversations around campfires made an indelible mark onus.”
    – Amit and Shashi, Co-founders

  • At a time when access to natural environment is limited to manicured lawns and landscaped gardens,it becomes increasingly more important to seek beyond the comfort of luxury hotels. After 5 years worth of weekend campsite scouting and within two months of beta operations, Campmonk’s growing database
    now lists over 50 campsites across 6 states. Be it a tea plantation in Idukki, Kerala where you could get a glorious 360 degree panoramic view of the sunrise and sunset; or a spot by the river Hemavati in Karnataka ideal for birdwatching; or a 6 acre forest in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu or a scenic wildlife experience off the PuneMumbai highway; or even a coffee exploration adventure in the Himalayan peaks – it is growing possible to consider camping as an experience in itself but also as a credible travel and stay option.

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