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Interrogating the Cool Kids and their Monsoon Faves

We get the best bits about these delightfully wet months from the cool kids on the block.

Karuna Laungani / Gauri Varma
Founders, JODI Life

Fave things about the monsoon:
Karuna –
The welcome change in the weather, to be trapped at home and enjoy the weather with soup bowls and a good book. And how everything is 50 shades of green.

Gauri – The smell of the earth. Terrace parties, driving around late at night or early in the morning and travelling across the coast in the monsoons. And fresh Potato pakoras.

Shaikh Ayaz
Journalist and Founder, Chiliya Chai

Fave things about the monsoon: The wayward child that Bombay is, it puts on its best behaviour only in monsoon. And then there’s the association of monsoon with all things romantic that fires the imagination of unfortunate men like me who depend for our living on that muchabused, forever unattainable (like a married woman), elusive beast called inspiration. Monsoon is when you can open the window of your study to a leafy vista and write or paint. There’s equal parts moisture and inspiration in the air. Rains are also an excuse for unending cups of tea and long nights of conversation. Gulzar put it best (though bear in mind this was his ode to the hills and winter) in Dil Dhoondta Hai, “Thandi safed chaadaron pe jaage der tak/ Taaro ko dekhte rahe chhat par pade huye.”

Bharat Gothoskar
Founder, Khaki Tours

Fave things about the monsoon: I love how the monsoon transforms the entire coast. The older part of the city is extremely beautiful, especially the areas around Fort, where you don’t even need an umbrella to walk on the footpath because of the arcade buildings.

Tanvi Rustagi
India’s 1th Woman Whisky Ambassador; Founder, Whisky Works

Fave things about the monsoon:Lychees, driving around in the rain and sometimes just cuddling in my blanket next to my window and watching my favourite shows.

Deepti Zachariah
Architect & Designer, Revolution by Design

Fave things about the monsoon:The sea is mercurial both in the way it looks and the way it behaves.

Suma Chereddi

Fave things about the monsoon: Books, bird watching and evening walks.

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