The Perfect Diwali Platter in 5 Easy Steps

Create a delicious Diwali spread to wow your guests.

This Diwali, a metre-long decorative sharing platter means that no one goes hungry. Super easy, but big on the impact, we’ll show you how it’s done in five easy steps.

Step 1: Select a Platter. We’ve used a naturally treated wooden runner. However, a marble or granite slab, wooden chopping boards, trays or even different sized bowls grouped together will work just as well.

Step 2: Layer on a natural base. Betel or banana leaves add a striking (& sustainable) contrast to your platter or table.

Step 3: Choose your snacks & drinks. The grouping of colour, shape & texture will make your platter stand out. Purchase a sufficient variety & quantity of snacks, sweets, dried & fresh fruit and sparkling juices.

We used:
Our favourite mithai
An assortment of dryfruits & nuts
A savoury Mix of Chakli, Crackers & Cheese Straws
Fresh fruit
Sparkling Fruit Juices from Good Juicery

Step 4: Build the spread. Place a diya at the centre of the platter as your starting point. Arrange your snacks on either side grouping them according to shape and colour blocks. Working symmetrically, build outwards taking care to mix texture, colour, sweet & savoury, fresh & dried.

Step 5:Add the finishing touches. Once the food has been laid down, fill in the empty spaces with: Eco-friendly Diyas and Marigolds, Asters & Mogra.

Lastly, use a large decorative container from your garden or living room as a makeshift ice bucket to serve your Sparkling Juices chilled.

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