Secret Concerts with Sofar Sounds

Disheartened by concert experiences, two Londoners, Rafe Offer and Rocky Start decided to put on a gig in their own apartment for a few friends back in 2009. In their second gig more people showed up and the word had spread. What started as a hobby, became a business and has now grown into a global community of
music lovers, supporting thousands of artists around the world, putting on hundreds of gigs every month in 357 cities!

Sofar Sounds is a global, grassroots network of artists, hosts, and guests, all with the goal of helping to bring the magic back to live music. They curate secret, intimate gigs in unique spaces, from living rooms and churches to hoodie shops and fancy furniture showrooms. The music always comes first. People sit, listen, and never talk through the set. Sofar aims to create performance spaces that are
respectful to artists, where the audience lives in the moment and listens closely to the music.

  • They believe that all artists should be treated with equal respect, whether they’re well-known
    or not. So to make sure that people don’t apply based on who they’ve heard of, they keep their lineups secret right up to the beginning of the show. The lineup to every Sofar gig is carefully curated to give the audience a diverse show. A Sofar show will typically feature three acts with no “opener” and no “headliner”. One can get up close and personal with the artists as there’s no backstage here!

    Sofar gigs are currently happening in 10 cities in India – Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai,
    Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Dimapur & Goa. With gigs being BYOB, top-secret and highly memorable, we think you should be signing up for the next one right now. Sign up for gigs in any of the 357 cities across the world here:

“Every gig we’ve done has been uniquely different. But what’s been constant is the warm and fuzzy sense of community. Gotta love live music!”
– Varun Mukerji, Co-City Leader, Sofar Sounds, Pune

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