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1. Because our juices are under a 100 calories! And our snacks contain 100% fruit! Each can of Good Juice contains the same number of calories as a medium-sized apple. And our Crunchy Fruit Slices contain the same nutritional values as up to 130 gm of fruit! Without adding any sugar or oil, but still delivering the crunch you crave.

2. Because you support a small enterprise, not a faceless corporation.
Our juices and snacks are crafted and marketed by a small (ok, tiny!) team of highly passionate folks based out of Pune, India. We are an independent,

boutique start-up that makes small-batch productions made with the fewest ingredients possible while maintaining the highest standards in quality.

3. Because our Good Juices are full of goodness.
We do not add any sugar to our juices and snacks. It is important to us that everything we make are as natural as possible, which means NO preservatives and NO artificial ingredients. Making it safe for everyone to enjoy, children too!
Most of all, we believe in absolute deliciousness - we choose unusual fruit juice combinations, exotic fruits mingling with local favourites and we add a little sparkle or crunch to keep things fun.

4. Because we’ve made a Green Promise.
Spending time in our natural environment is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Which is why at Good Juicery, ​we are committed to doing our bit to preserve it​.
Right through from production to consumption, every effort has been made to limit our impact on the world around us:

  • We want to make the world a greener place. We plant 1 tree for every 1000 cans of sparkling fruit drinks sold​.
  • We believe in recycling. We work with local groups to ensure as many of our cans as possible are recycled. We are also committed to using recycled paper in our business cards, posters and stationery.
Good Juicery Cans on Leaves
  • We are conscious of our water footprint.​ On-going work is being done to reduce it, and harvesting of rainwater and treatment of waste water are standard practices for our manufacturer.
  • Our sparkling fruit drinks are proudly made in India and, as far as possible, our ingredients are sourced locally. Locking in the freshness of seasonal ingredients through freeze-drying means you can enjoy your favourite fruits year-round.
  • Our sparkling juice drinks don’t need refrigeration for storage, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

5. Because it’s Like Juice, But Fun!
The best things in life have a bit of sparkle. Moonlit oceans. Shiny new shoes. Your loved ones eyes across a crowded room. Disco balls. Dew covered mornings. And these Good Juices.
Made with so much fruit and a dash of that sparkle. Just to keep things fun.
And it’s Like Fruit, But Crunchy!

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