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We're Feeling Mexcellent Today!

When an investment banker decides to start his own thing you know there’s going to be a whole lot of planning involved.

Good Eatery

A Dimsum Story

If there was a heaven, it would definitely have dimsum in it. Lots of it. We got the inside scoop from Chop Chop, Pune on their two most popular plates of cloud nine. Read on for the recipes.

The Good Juicery On Instagram

  • If speedboats, sundowners, BBQ, GOOD juices and juicy beers sound like a great time to you, join us this weekend. We’re heading to @boardwalkbyflamboyante with @greatstate.aleworks for the first BBQ Beatdown of the season. The boat leaves at 3pm Sat and the juices on board will be cold! Link in bio 🚤✨🍎🍊🍻🔥#mumbaievents #onaboat
  • Streetside: a guava chilli Berliner Wiesse inspired by the mean streets of our very own Pune. A collab with our great friends @greatstate.aleworks - we used heirloom chili’s sourced from @diasporaco and the same pink guavas we use in our Sparkling Pink Guava juice. Available this weekend at @tappedbeerfest. And at select restaurants from next week #ifyouaregonnadrinkabeermakeitaGOODone PS cutting those chili’s was no mean feat!
  • Just when we thought our personal Happy Place @palmgrovebeachresorts couldn’t get any better...they started stocking our juices. #goa 🌴✨🥭🍊🙏
  • ☔️ + 🍕 + ✨🍎🥤+ Masterchef finale = Friday night perfection. @ottoitaliankitchen now delivering authentic Italian across Pune, and exclusively stocking our sparkling juices! #punefoodlovers #masterchef #fridaynightdoneright
  • Winner winner CRICKET dinner. @packapav #pune is running an awesome special during this evenings match. Order 6 gourmet pav and get 3 juices free! No added sugar, no preservatives, perfectly matched with butter chicken or mushroom shammi pav. #bleedblue 🏏 ✨🍎🥤🍔
  • @ottoitaliankitchen opens for service tonight! An exciting collaboration between our dear friends at @oneoeightcafe and @theartisinalbakingco, these guys will deliver authentic Italian to your home. We’ve been lucky enough to be on the tasting panel and our picks are the hand-stretched sourdough pizza, silky handmade stuffed pasta, your arancini balls that will blow your mind and a side of sparkle 🍕🍝✨🍎🥤🍰 Seriously, is it dinnertime yet?
  • This monsoon, be like @foodcrumbs.goa and keep your immunity levels 💪 with our 100% pulpy orange juice. No sugar, no preservatives, it’s packed with Vit C and fortified with curcumin extract for good measure. Now available at @delfinos_goa Newton’s and other leading supermarkets. And if your touristing, we’re also in mini bars across the state! #goastateofmind #choosegood
  • We’re now stocked at a whole lot of great new stockists, like the iconic #osho ashram! If you are spending some time here, you can find our premium juices in their cafe, or pop next door to @dariospune and enjoy the rest of our range in their beautiful garden! 📸stolen from google as photography not allowed. #healthyalternatives #goodjuices #begood #makethegoodchoice #sopune #punefood #punefoodblogger
  • Our 100% pulpy orange juice is the perfect blend of tart and sweet Nagpur oranges. Plus we add a shot of curcumin (turmeric extract containing all of this super-root’s health benefits) for good measure! Now available in 200 ml and 1L!
  • Feeling stoked while having a delicious lunch that includes our juices does not get old. #goodjuicerylovespackapavforever #packapavpune #goodjuices #goodfood #foodtalkindia #gourmetsliders #eatingfortheinsta @packapav
  • In India, we know good tea☕️. And these are really good ones 🍃🍓🍎. Our Strawberry Iced Teas are made from 52% cold brewed black tea and 48% apple and strawberry juice. We’ve noticed recently that many of the iced teas in the market do not declare how much tea goes into each bottle - if they include tea at all. Always check those labels, friends! #newlaunch #icedtea #iquitsugar  #healthyalternatives #healthyeats #somumbai #sopune #sodelhi #sobangalore #sochennai #cleaneating
  • Superfood + Superflower 🌺 for your Supermum. We’re getting reports that your Mums are loving our Pomegranate & Hibiscus juice (with some families ordering up to 10 litres at a go!) so we thought we’d offer a triple whammy. Order online this week and get up to Rs 20 off our 1L bottles and Rs 10 off our 200 ml bottles. Spend over Rs 300 and get free shipping. And for you Superfruitjuice  freaks, spend over Rs 1000 and get an additional 10% off! Link in bio #healthyalternatives #itscalledbalance #eatingfortheinsta #healthyfood #superfoods #healthiswealth #pomegranatejuice #pomforthewin #pune #mumbai #delhi #bangalore #hyderabad #onlineshopping #dealoftheday
  • You wouldn’t accept a bad cup of tea, so why accept a bad iced tea? We have yet to come across a packaged iced tea or iced tea served in a restaurant that doesn’t contain refined sugar and/ tea flavours (although are open to correction on this point)! Our new range of iced teas are cold brewed overnight from real tea leaves 🍃 for a smoother flavour, and blended with real fruit juice 🍓🍋🍎. No added sugar, no preservatives. Loads of real tea taste and anti-oxidents! #newlaunch #icedtea #iquitsugar  #healthyalternatives #healthyeats #somumbai #sopune #sodelhi #sobangalore #sochennai
  • If the train is crowded, get on a bike 🚲. Our sparkling fruit juices stand apart from the others with 80% fruit juice, a splash of sparkle, no added sugar or preservatives! Make the GOOD choice. #healthyjuice #healthyliving #healthyalternatives #makethegoodchoice #goodforyou #balancedlife
  • ‘Tis the season. ✨🍊🥭🥤#justindianthings #sparklingmandarinmango #summer
  • The GOOD shelfie: if you're in Mumbai or Pune, finding a healthy alternative to all your beverage needs is now that much easier. Our zero-sugar sparkling juices, craft juices and juicy iced teas in nine delicious flavours are now stocked in forty Wellness Forever stores. Grab a cold one next time you are passing by! #mumbai #pune #shelfie #healthyalternatives #makethegoodchoice #icedtea #juice #eatingfortheinsta
  • These 1L beauties are currently our best-selling juice online. Pom superfruit blended with hibiscus superflower (if that’s not a thing, it should be!)🌺. These ingredients are high in free-radical-busting antioxidants, with benefits that include lowering blood sugar, helping with depression and even hair loss. Available exclusively online at @qtrove and our own website - with a discount and free shipping! Link in bio #healthyalternatives #itscalledbalance #eatingfortheinsta #healthyfood #superfoods #healthiswealth #pomegranatejuice #pomforthewin #pune #mumbai #delhi #bangalore #hyderabad #onlineshopping #dealoftheday
  • It's summer. The heat is relentless. And at times like these the only thing that will do is a fizzy drink. But when the craving hits, say no to sugary soft drinks and look no further than our sparkling juices. Here are the stats:  0 added sugar, 80% fruit juice, 4 naturally refreshing flavours and less than 95 calories per serving - which is the same calorie count as a medium sized apple. Make the good choice. ✨🍎🥤 #healthyalternatives #itscalledbalance #summer #goodjuicery #eatingfortheinsta
  • This Earth Day, and every day, as a company we say no to plastic, choose glass and recycle where we can. Did you know that up to 6% of our juices are currently packaged in glass we have recovered from the market? It’s a small start but one we hope to improve on as we grow! Infinitely recyclable with no leaching of harmful chemicals, choosing a sustainably packaged product like glass is a small but easy lifestyle change to make in the fight for the planet. #earthday #noplanetB #choosegood #healthyalternatives #goodjuicery #downwithplastic
  • Seeing the world through strawberry iced tea-tinted glasses 🍃🍓🥤 👠 #theguyinhighheelsxgoodjuicery @yogeshushetty #healthyalternatives #itscalledbalance #fashion #ootd #mumbai #indianfashionblogger #coldbrewed #icedtea #eatingfortheinsta