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We're Feeling Mexcellent Today!

When an investment banker decides to start his own thing you know there’s going to be a whole lot of planning involved.

Good Eatery

A Dimsum Story

If there was a heaven, it would definitely have dimsum in it. Lots of it. We got the inside scoop from Chop Chop, Pune on their two most popular plates of cloud nine. Read on for the recipes.

  • POMHIBI 🌺!! When you have a nickname, you know you’re special 🥰
  • Delicious healthy juices direct to your home to boost your Vitamin C intake🍊. And a bottle refund system to boost your sustainability efforts ♻️. Win-win! Good Juicery has joined hands with @woohoodoodh to deliver fresh juices along with their milk and bread, to homes across Pune. Return your clean glass bottle to our team, and receive a discount on your next delivery. WhatsApp 70302288000 to place your order.
  • A pinch me moment. @greensbasket you are a dream 🍎❤️🙏
  • The truck is loaded, on its way from Himachal Pradesh which means our Pressed Himalayan Apple Juice will be back in stock next week! Grown on steep terraced slopes, ranging in elevation from 4,500 to 12,000 ft and irrigated with rainfall or glacial runoff, the juice from these apples is cloudy from no filtration, totally pure and delicious. 🏔🍎 ❤️
  • The Andamans Islands is our family favourite, so we were excited to get a call from @essentialsandamans earlier this year. They are bringing new niche brands to the islands - and our first shipment has just landed on this very beach...or one close to it at least. Looking forward to drinking Good on our next visit 🌴🍎🍊
  • We made an Alphonso Mango juice and it is GOOD. From mangoes picked in the Ratnagiri district. No sugar. No preservatives. No plastic. Only available in 1L bottles.
  • We may not be able to travel, but our juices will. From the backwaters to the foothills, we supply the whole of India through Amazon. PS Spot anything new in this photo 🥭?
  • Hey Gujurat, we ❤️ you! Since launching in this state we have discovered the region has some of the finest food stores we have the pleasure of being stocked in and we’re stoked to be adding new accounts every day. Look out for our 1Ls and sparkling juices at great prices. @naturespalettehq @thefinefoodstore @paramparaquality @foodembassyy @special_groceries @gunimalfoodproducts @arjandas_and_sons
  • 📸from the field - prior to Covid we supplied mainly hotels, restaurants and cafes but over the past few months we’ve had to make a massive pivot into retail. Our team continue to make us so proud, never giving up, opening fantastic stores and getting placement on shelf like this!! #startup #proud
  • We make a good orange juice. It’s tangy, it’s pulpy, it’s loaded with Vit C.  And we have a new batch leaving the godown today! Thanks for the 📸@amisha_kalangutkar
  • Just a reminder that our besties at @infinitysourdoughpizza (the good people behind @oneoeightcafe) are taking pre-orders for Sunday night pizza. It’s delicious, will make your weekend, the collection alone is a vibe! DM them now, they’ve been selling out so you gots to be quick. 🍕 ✨ They also have a super-cute new logo. It’s appropriate because we ❤️them to infinity and beyond.
  • This is not just any 📦 It’s our guarantee that when you order our juices online, they arrive in one piece packed in sustainably sourced cardboard and with as little plastic packaging as possible. Designed for us by @corugami they are FSC certified and rely on the strength of structural design to eliminate toxic plastic-based glues. Yes please #plasticfreejuly
  • Our last batch for 2020 of Pressed Himalayan Apple juice is selling out fast - with only our small bottles left. It’s a beautiful juice and we are sad to see it go but excited to make way for something fresh, sweet and fragrant 🥭 Holding on to silver linings and hoping for supply chain issues to be sorted soon 😘 Link for our Pressed Himalayan Apple juice in bio
  • At the beginning of 2020 we started trialing small batches of a juice we were (and are) super excited about. Picked in the Himalayas, pressed (not from concentrate) and bottled in glass, our 100% Pressed Himalayan Apple Juice is a thing of beauty (even if we say so ourselves). Our plan was to roll it out across the country by March, but #worldwidepandemic. So for now, it’s available at all good stores in Goa and online, with delivery in all metro cities. Link in bio - with a small offer that will run until stocks last. We’re sad to say we’re not sure when our next load of 🍎 🍎 will be able to reach HQ. 📸by the talented @junglegymstudio
  • It’s been a looong seven weeks but we’re happy to announce we’re open for business again and available for delivery across the country. Order through our website, Qtrove or Amazon. Or if you are lucky enough to live in Goa, we’re available in all good stores 📸@amisha_kalangutkar
  • Today marks the launch our newest Sparkling Juice. A delicious blend of orange juice, hydroxychloroquine, CBD oil and sparkling water. 100% proven to maybe probably boost immunity, prevent transmission and calm you down. And as always, no sugar, no preservatives, no plastic!  #aprilsfoolsday #oris2020thejoke
  • Fetch! cafe, Versova is opening on Monday to puppers and people alike, and we’re excited to be stocked in their fridges. It’s an all day cafe with divine food and juices ✨ , an event space with a pop-up shop and the interiors are 👌 But best of all, the crowd there is guaranteed to be amazing - because people who love dogs are always the best people 🐶 #dogsofinstagram #doggydate #mumbaifoodbloggers @fetchmumbai
  • Hello weekend. @ahmedsuzana at @truetrammtrunkpune. Now serving our sparkling and pure juices, perfect as mixers, with the best rooftop view of the Pune skyline 🌃 ✨ 🍊
  • NO PLASTIC. Only glass bottles and aluminum cans, which are infinitely recyclable and do not leach harmful chemicals into our juices over time. This is something we are super proud of and we’re looking forward to progressing with and improving on in our day-to-day business - starting with our collab with @corugami to redesign all our marketing material to be sustainable & recyclable. Coming soon. #reusereducerecycle #sustainability #smallbiz
  • Find some who looks at you the way this guy looks at a Sparkling Mandarin Mango Juice ✨ 🥭 🍊 😂 Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️