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German Street Food in Pune

Adding a slice of Berlin to Pune’s liveliest Food Lane is Mahlzeit. Where authentic Bratwursts and Doners are just as centre-staged as the momo guy down the street. We spoke to Milan Pal, the nonchalant German-Indian force behind it all and loved that he had just one goal in mind – to bring German Street Food to India. We’re pretty kicked he loved our Good Sparkling Juices too.

What does Mahlzeit mean?

Mahlzeit is a German phrase meaning “meal time”. It is used as a greeting to wish each other a good meal time. It’s like saying hello, but for food!

What’s the Indian response been to German food?

When we started, we did a few trials at small markets and with friends. The response was great and so we decided to go ahead and take the full plunge. While people who eat red meat love our food, we did not want to restrict ourselves to just a meat-loving audience. We have chicken and veg options which are not typically asked for in Germany, but are still very much part of the cuisine.

Why does a Sparkling Juice go well with German food?

Apfelschorle is the most popular drink in Germany. It’s made with Apple juice and Carbonated mineral water. It was only natural that we had to serve a typical German drink that would go down well with our food, so we made our own Apfelschorle, using Apple Juice and Soda. We weren’t 100% happy with this, so stopped it after a while.

But then Good Juicery happened to us. It gave us exactly what we were looking for – a Sparkling Fruit Juice and it even had an Apple flavour. It was a natural fit which stayed true to the Mahlzeit heritage.

Coming to you, what do you like to do when you’re not working, or when you like to ease up a bit during your busy day?

I like to play a quick game of football or meet a friend outside for a snack.

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