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It takes a bold Italian restaurant not to serve ketchup in India. But the team at Baked and Wired know a thing or two about being bold. Not only do they serve Pune’s largest pizza but they do it the traditional way without the red sauce. We caught up with them to find out a few of their trade secrets.


What makes a great pizza?

A great pizza can be identified by its base. The fresher the base, the better is the taste. So, freshness is the essential element for a great pizza.

What is your secret ingredient?

The secret ingredient for us is the all-in-store pizza concept wherein our bases are freshly prepared in-house. We do not serve ketchup in our outlets as we do believe that the authenticity of pizza lies in having the pizza only along with the traditional seasonings.



Which of our juices pair best with your pizzas?

Well, your range of juices are a hit here. To name a few combinations that go well with the the crowd here are:

  1. Veggie Mix with Litchi & Guava Juice
  2. 5 Cheese with Sparkling Apple Juice
  3. Roast Garlic Chicken with Sparkling Passion Fruit Juice
  4. BBQ Chicken with 100% Orange


Baked & Wired

Shop No. 3, Saniara Apartments, Opposite Nagarvala School, Central Avenue, Kalyani Nagar, Pune
9 Hills, NIBM Road, Pune



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