Apple Juice, Guava Juice, Passionfruit Juice and Mandarin Mango Juice

Our range of premium juices are made from 80-100% fruit juice. We strive to get you the most unique flavours that are as natural as they can be. To retain these unusual flavours as well as because we are mindful of your health and the environments, our premium juices are packaged in recyclable glass bottles.

Our GOOD sparkling juices are made from 80% fruit juice, to which we add 20% sparkling water. Having only 20% carbonation means our juices are a lightly bubbled, naturally refreshing alternative, perfect to quench the summer heat or to pair with a delicious meal. It’s important to note that we add no sugar to any of our juices!

Our juicy iced teas are made from real tea leaves, handpicked in Assam. We cold brew the tea leaves overnight for a smoother, less bitter and more delicate flavour. We then add a splash of natural sweetness by adding real fruit juice – there is no added sugar in our delicious iced teas!

With all of our craft juices, sparkling juices and juicy iced teas, our state-of-the-art manufacturing process takes care of our juices, keeping them safe from all microbial contaminations and packaging it hygienically for a longer shelf life.